Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shizzaa slutt!!

"Shizza slutt!!.. Yes she is", said Sumit. Bang!!! Time stops. Faces turn pale. A 100 feminists, progressives, self proclaimed intellectuals feel sickened. Some contort in disgust, some resort to platitudes, inadvertently debasing women even seamier ways and some promoting sexism a further bit by turning same accusation against the males with the basest argument 'Why should boys have all the fun?' Then it fuels the oft repeated episode of gender war. Social egalitarianism is the hot demand. Term 'Playboy' is weighed against 'Slut' for the same accusation of promiscuity. Where does this all end?? Sumit is thrown out. Feminists have their way.

In the chase of social justice what is totally ignored is the all natural and basic biological, emotional and psychological difference between two sexes. Biologically, women are not just more vulnerable they are more choosy and reserved too . Our traditional thinking, classical Darwinian theories and behavioral assumptions make us believe that women are monogamous by nature. Some modern theories, however, say otherwise. But even if we agree to the statement that monogamy is not a biological female characteristic but a matter of personal choice as much as it is for men, we don't lose our edge.

For the case, if a women (even if she is not that a looker)  wants to get laid all she has to do is to pass the signal and a hundred and thirty seven fellas are lined up to grab the opportunity. She is at the deciding end. Power of selection lies with her. Her abstaining makes her even more desirable and may be that also fits her in her stereotypical frames. On the contrary, for a guy to avail the same luxury he has to have something in him be it smart skills, brawny physique, moolah, status or power to woo his counterparts, to incentivize the women. Even for a mutual consensual commercial sex it is more often than not that the female is at the receiving end. So where for one its like how skilled one is to get it for other it is how skilled it is to refrain. So, when a girl is having multiple affairs ( beyond her emotional quotient could  justify) it's more of a case of being slacky than being tricky.

PS: Writer is not debating the morality of promiscuity but is baffled with feminists reactions.

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