Friday, January 1, 2010


As I was playing with my calculator, I observed some symmetrical thing about the number 2010. The number when written in decimal form (base 10) to octal form (base 8) gives value 3732. When the number 2010 is written as octal form and converted to decimal form gives value 1032. The absolute values for trigonometric functions like sine, cosine, tangent for both these numbers is same. Eg. sin(3732) = sin(1032) etc. The number 2010 in binary form gives 11111011010 is again symmetric as the 11 digit number is divisible by 11 i.e. the sum of odd placed and even placed digits is same.

The number 2010 when taken as such in base 16 and converted into decimal form turns 8208. This number is given on net as narcissistic number (An n- digit number that is sum of the nth powers of its digits) i.e. 84 + 24 + 04 + 84 = 8208. :)

May this symmetric year brings lots of success to u all. With His blessings and your efforts may you all excel beyond horizons and all of your fondest dreams come true... Wish u all a very happy n prosperous new year 2010.

Happy New Year

- krazy idiot


Amritbir Kaur said...

Now that was something what we might call a real mathematical wish :)
Best wishes for the year ahead!

vishal jindal said...

Hi amritbir
bst wishes to u also dear :)

keep visiting!!

Madhu said...

first timer here...:0 Maths and all that jazz freaks me out..I somehow read ur post[still figuring out how!!] Tried to understand it...[alas i did not!]..and thought better end it by wishing u a great year ahead..:)

Srivats said...

woaah u have had so much time to kill or insanely in love with maths haha :)

AJai said...

I love this Maths stuff. I wish I'd found tht out myself. Looking forward to more. :)

vishal jindal said...

@ madhu
thanks for dropping by my blog and taking pain to read that post :)
well that could be understood by mere conversion of things into other bases using any scientific calc..or juss leave that fuss..and go for a rocking new yr ahead..
happy new yr :)

vishal jindal said...

@ srivats
m an engineer...and engineers are anything but busy :)

vishal jindal said...

@ AJai
hey welcome to my blog..
its a gr8 feelin to find another maths lover..i wish u come with some thing better and more interesting ...
looking forward frm u too :)
keep visiting..

Anonymous said...
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