Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Edenic Tongue

Digest: Stirred up by the culture shock and the lingual barriers in South India, the writer delves into the philosophical aspect of a language and transits the account of Indian linguistic diaspora and then ends the post with political treatment and the constitutional provisions of the official languages of India. The title- ' The Edenic Tongue' refers to some hypothetical universal tongue or language which is understood and spoken by entire worldly population and so would be the language of a child brought up in utter silence. (wiki ref.)

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. (Gen 1:3). So blessed was that vocalization of The Edenic Tongue that the universe was glorified. And thenceforth the universal soul was so enraptured by the divinity of this tongue that nature’s euphony was eternalized in it. The rustling leaves, the chirping birds, the twiddling rivers, whispering nights, humming bees, beating hearts, the blowing winds, chattering magpies, clanging bells, jingling coins, rumbling thunder, roaring clouds, twanging strings, screaming silence, laughing smiles and every rolling stone whistled its tone.

Cursed is the moment, Adam devoured the fruit of knowledge from the Garden of Eden that he became slave of words as silence couldn’t be written down. The infinite utterances of the developed vocal tract and mental faculties got materialized and arbitrary symbols and signs got related to the world & human thought which facilitated the parceling of fertile human imagination, creativity, art and ideas down the generations. The language, thereafter, has transcended itself much more than just a business of conveyance or expression to the acts of knavery, concerns of superbia, matters of oppression, regional identity, communal integrity, symbolism, territorial disputes, linguistic discrimination, political chaos and the like. To name some, Pakistan and Bangladesh had language as one of the issues, India has seen lots of anti-Hindi agitations since Independence, Muslims across the world are integrated by their holy language, Hindi-Urdu conflicts have seen the birth of Hindustani for Muslim appeasement, States have seen mapping of borders on socio-linguistic basis – Belgaum border dispute between states of Karnataka and Maharashtra is on linguistic grounds, Bible Quran or any other religious text was never written in The Edenic Tongue but in languages developed by humans and so have been the teachings ever mutilated and interpreted every which way, the linguistic discrimination is so usual in some states like Tamilnadu and Punjab, regional languages have served as regional identities and so have fueled various sort of political chaos as is a case of Marathi manoos, Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi making political stunts every now and then searches some 20 odd words of Tamil in entire literature of Sanskrit and makes hulla over giving Tamil a status of ‘mother of all languages’. And the list never ends.

Whenever we wonder the development and manifestation of human spirit and human mind relating to anything of manly concern be it philosophy, mathematics, science, engineering, medicine, art, logic, architecture, literature, legend and to add human speech which is no exception to it, from the earliest times history is not known to, the one great place which presents itself so strikingly every time is BHARATA (INDIA). As the time has evolved and witnessed the evolution of Bharata as ancient India, the Vedic India, the classical India, the Moghul India, the British India, the union of India, it has travelled so much to rediscover itself into an entirely different entity, so have its inhabitants, traditions, culture, languages and politics. Lamentably, the new India doesn’t reflect the same virility, concordance, temperament, spirit, sapience and plume it originally had. Centuries of foreign loot, intermingling coupled with inherent resilience and softness, oppression of Indians has crushed their very self-esteem, pride & confidence in their true potent, values, traditions, knowledge and languages. British Raj alone was enough to impose its political, cultural and linguistic supremacy over the natives to the extent that even today anything under white-skin appears much fancier and rated relative to actual handed-down legacy. Languages are no exception to it.

Sanskrit, a historical Indo-European language, a classical Vedic tongue, a sacred language of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism lost its way much earlier to its much influenced vernacular languages spoken over the entire Indian subcontinent - Indo-Aryan languages and literary Dravidian languages. The beautiful language, a storehouse of knowledge treasure of Hindus (not just in sense of religion but region) was ever at a deadly decline. Decline of the language was not just due to vested dignity it had over the native tongues but also because of numerous translations of rich texts into other native vernacular languages and drain of inherent knowledge to the foreign elements. So pronounced was the effect that the disrobed and derided language of the reserved authoritative class could neither woo the general masses nor escape the clutches of haughty Brahmins. And the legacy was victimized by the secondhand interpretations and mutilations. Attempts should be made to make Indians well versed with the language at the school level itself so as to assist them read, interpret and understand Indian literature at firsthand and get the verity of their roots, scriptures, knowledge, values, religion, politics and above all their homeland itself which will help propagate harmony, a sense of belongingness, a sense of commitment, a sense of pride and integrity among Indians as Indians first.

English which once was introduced as foreign language for the official administration in India is no more just a language but has acquired the status of knowledge, the tongue of elite & polished. Surely, the change hasn’t crept in naturally but was perfectly orchestrated. The kind of scornful disdain the native languages, literature, culture and Indian civilizations as a whole were offered is evident from Macaulay’s words, a single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia” and to add further, “all the historical information which has been collected from all the books written in Sanskrit language is less valuable than what may be found in the most paltry abridgments used at preparatory schools in England.” The great British loot of India’s physical wealth was not accomplished by British hands only but also through the elite Indian class created then and descending further as Indian in blood and color, but English in taste, in opinions, words and intellect’. The Anglicized India which basks in the glory of goras is a product of premeditated Macaulayism as he put- “No Hindu who has received an English education ever remains sincerely attached to his religion. It is my firm belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respected classes 30 years hence.” With the progress over 60 years of independence, a country with several hundred native mother tongues and classical languages like Sanskrit, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil claims second largest number of English speakers in the world with 5% fluent speakers and 12% total speakers (including those who use it as second and third language). English enjoys the status of second official language of union of India and many other states, the only official language for the state of Nagaland, and the language of judiciary. Thanks to the southern states particularly, Tamilnadu as while the central government was posed with a need to pick one official language for the nation and for the communication among all regions across the land, these proposed English to be chosen over Hindi which though was an obvious for being the sole language of majority of Indian population, but not unanimous.

What exactly deters them to accept the language?? Well there are many reasons. With pregnant reason being political, majority of junta has nothing to do with language supremacy or anti-Hindi or anti anything for that sake but are just inadvertently marred by cheap politics and are ignorant of the language at first hand and don’t even feel the need to. Wonder why there is no Navodaya school in Tamilnadu? "If Hindi were to become the official language of India, Hindi-speaking people will govern us. We will be treated like third rate citizens". - Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister C. N. Annadurai (April 29, 1963). Influential reap at the cost of m-asses.

A class of irrational charged idiots is stuck into Aryan-Dravidian conflict and considers learning any Aryan language or being in harmony with Aryans or non-Dravidians (consider northies) on any issue as harm to their pride. These Idiots are graveled by 3000 years back mythological conflict but are comfortable with modern India British invasion. God save them.

A flag-waving section feels proud of its native culture & language and is of opinion that their language feeds them with enough of rich literature that they hardly need any other language to intervene.

Next, come the educated rational citizenry with more plausible reasons as they feel learning a language like Hindi which doesn’t carry much scientific stuff of modern world puts them at extra burden over and above their mother tongue which they learn naturally and the English which they need to learn to compete globally.

Rests are curious to learn Hindi but are sorry for attitude of northies who adamantly want to impose the language rather than allowing free flow of it.

Moreover, Hindi is not a national language neither by Indian constitution nor by Indian law as is a common misconception among majority of Indians. Rather there is no national language of India. Hindi and English are two official languages of Union of India with the states granted freedom to choose their official languages.

Still, I suppose Hindi to enjoy the status of The Lingua Franca – the bridge language.

Relying on a foreign language for internal communication that too when we have such a large base of population for one common tongue doesn’t look so fancy. Fluent English is not everyone’s cup of tea. Leave the laborer and illiterate junta who can’t even make out simple words in English, the overwhelming majority among the educated ones finds it unmanageable to employ it as the sole language. Case is worsened when Indian English dons regional vocab and accent like that of Punjabi or southern languages. Times of India reported recently that CWG staff even after formal English training couldn’t frame simple correct sentences. Hindi, as it belongs to the class of languages influenced by Sanskrit to more or less extant, is much easily and quickly acquainted by Indians.

Indian Muslims irrespective of the Indian corner they inhabit are well versed in Hindi. Being a Muslim in itself presents the community enough reasons to embrace the language which again increases the base of language beyond borders.

Learning English surely puts us at a better edge over countries like China to compete globally and its importance surely can’t be undermined but Hindi serves a national symbol to the world’s eye. Not acknowledging it makes us present ridiculous lack of integrity. Most of Chinese machinery used across borders has their native printed on it which straightway admits them the due credit. Google maps assign them their language as an identity. We surely miss the same. China and India are also making efforts to introduce their citizens to Hindi and Mandarin languages respectively to understand the neighboring nations in a better way. If Mandarin can be learnt, why can’t Hindi?

Moreover learning languages is in itself a fun activity, helps develop mental faculties and puts one at ease with others. Embracing harmony and unity in diversity is probably the most utile success mantra for the 21st century India.

Above all, let’s at least learn to greet with smile. For smile is The Edenic Tongue. Everyone smiles in the same language. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little things in life

Digest: The post is the outcome of little turmoil in the writer's mind over the present circumstances in his life which are apparently beyond his control. A state of dilemma if he should keep his calm and accept the things their way as they are predestined or should fight his best to conquer the destiny to his will. He wonders if little things in life do matter, if omens really clue the written will of god, if lucky charms do have any meaning and searches for an answer more in science and mathematics than religion.

This post is on the lines of one of the previous posts- 'Ctrl+ Z' but that can be skipped without breaking the continuity.

How much free will does a Lorenz butterfly need to encompass to make that extra flap that could possibly cause a cyclone weeks later? What force is tangling my earphones all the time? What exactly complots the socks redistribution? Why bread falls always on the buttered side? (Well, it’s not just gravity toppling over the heavier side. There is much more to it!) What makes Murphy law work?

If you have ever wondered the enormity of supposedly little things in life, the kind of contouring potent they hold, u must agree with me that the littler and subtler they seem the more happening, the more influencing they turn out to be. Trace the chaotic pendulum with slight variations in initial angle or wonder the rule 30 (the chaotic evolution in cellular automation).

In words of Vincent Van Gogh – “Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together”. You can’t swallow an elephant without cutting it into pieces. Take the concept of integration. Can’t you do straight away with something great, just cut it down infinitesimally, play with that infinitesimal part the way you like and progress all the way to completion.

Does our daily piffling stuff behave in a similar fashion? I mean does the apparently toothless stuff fix the final upshots. For instance is my selection in some interview tempted by stuff like colour of my underwear or crisscross of my right palm or numerical equivalent of alphabets in my name or the little amulet slapped against my body like an albatross around my neck or planetary motions or the twenty one omens heavens sent my way? I guess it does!!

Life, probably, is a complex function of all such infinite parameters. Some of them being quite loud others being trifle enough to evoke a thought about them. Life is not unfolding at a throw of dice as HE supposed. Laplace, like Him, had reasons (over and above intuitive) to gestate the thought of a deterministic world. So the prerequisite was the initial conditions for all such parameters and the beautiful equations would crystallize every future second. Reflect the horoscopes, they stitch your history to planetary motions.

Let’s hold our horses for a moment! Both the above arguments have a fertile resistance. Mind the randomness. When things go perfectly random, a miraculous symmetry is always born. Peep into statistical mechanics or give some time to Friedman’s universe models. Nullifying effect diminishes the atomism or the grandness of individual entity.

*Let’s take a tour of virtual world of the computer games. Nearly all of us are familiar with the Super Mario Bros., one of the Nintendo’s most popular games. It doesn’t matter how much more goombas/ koopas does Mario hit or more jumps it make or more fireballs it shoot if it clears the stage with fixed identical final terminus every time i.e. survives the dragon and saves the princess*. Extending the analogy to real world loses its composure as we can never be sure of identical terminus. Say, for an interview, I may have infinite histories to traverse such that the whole event can materialize with infinite variations in stuff like hand movements, breath durations, steps and the like such that all histories advance into only two apparently possible outcomes of selection or rejection, which assigns them a fairly 50-50 division. Now whereas it may seem plausible with a case of some lottery, it is highly unconvincing for case of interview.

But is the probabilistic division such straightforward? Not exactly, let’s check the First digit law. It tells us that in a list of numbers taken randomly from many real life sources of data, the probability of leading digit of the numbers being 1 is not 11.11% (as supposed considering fair distribution) but 30+ % !!!

With the case of determinism, Heisenberg, a great personality becomes very uncomfortable as he believes- “we can’t determine future for sure as we can’t determine present for sure”. If this is not sufficient, our friend Godel puts a fundamental limitation on logical explanation of completely everything in this world. These statements don’t limit God but the universal creatures like humans bounded by the laws of physics. Thus we may still enjoy the assumption of a predetermined world.

As for a predetermined wavy future present infinitely in space time, it is just a matter of how much free will does a Lorenz butterfly possesses to make that extra flap that could possibly create a cyclone a decade after!

* I heartly thank the cool minded guy ' Tejesh Kinariwala' for some of his beautiful ideas.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Je tu nahi koi hor sahi

Through these lines poet is trying to portray the intoxicated trapped mental state, a disturbed cynical spirit erupting out of ignominy of hurt male ego. A momentary feeling of the guys who for some reason be it the first meet with her at some co conducted event or anything for that sake get their PEA – Phenylethylamine sort of love chemical secreted which turns their harmonic state to restless maniacal, further extending it to disturbed faltered self-esteem founded rationalizations.

Nazaraan milaa ke, chuthha muska ke, tu jaadu jeha pa leya

Farang tere nu bina samjhey mein vi dil naal la leya

Haal patey nu ik vari vi tu kadey ni mudna si

Palekhey tere farang de mein saalan haley rudna si

Tere khyalan sohni si tu, par asi vi keda maadey si

Hoor taan kudiye tu vi ni si bas tere veham de saarey si

Udeek udeek mukk gaye tatt vang sukiyan ras ganderiyan

Je tu nahi koi hor sahi tere jahiyan batherian

Je jigara ni si nibaun nu bas kadey aa mildi gall laun nu

Dukhdey sanjhi paun nu, do kadiyan naal bitaun nu

Sajde karde reha mein kittey tere bin guzara ni si

Virau jandi tu chitt nu mere ehna vi tennu ganwara ni si

Matt si maari swab buneya si bas ehna si kasoor

Teri haami parey tarr janda, le dubya tera guroor

Kadra nahi je tenu meri, meinu vi ki eh teriyan

Tu nahi koi hor sahi tere jahiyan batherian

Roodd jawan mein gamm vich tere, ishqey da mein rogi nahi

Nit tyaanvan tenu sham saverey, ehoja vi mein jogi nahi

Khush ravein tu ohna naal jede tere dilaan de chhalley hain

Ujdan nu ki ujdu sadda asi sada toh kalley hain

Jakey jedi tennu mildi hathan ch oh lakeer nahi si

Rabb sanu mangeya baksh da eho ji vi takdeer nai si

Tall ju lau wang dil vi kittey , jadon thamm jangi eh neriyan

Je tu nahi koi hor sahi tere jaiyan batherian


- krazy idiot

Friday, January 1, 2010


As I was playing with my calculator, I observed some symmetrical thing about the number 2010. The number when written in decimal form (base 10) to octal form (base 8) gives value 3732. When the number 2010 is written as octal form and converted to decimal form gives value 1032. The absolute values for trigonometric functions like sine, cosine, tangent for both these numbers is same. Eg. sin(3732) = sin(1032) etc. The number 2010 in binary form gives 11111011010 is again symmetric as the 11 digit number is divisible by 11 i.e. the sum of odd placed and even placed digits is same.

The number 2010 when taken as such in base 16 and converted into decimal form turns 8208. This number is given on net as narcissistic number (An n- digit number that is sum of the nth powers of its digits) i.e. 84 + 24 + 04 + 84 = 8208. :)

May this symmetric year brings lots of success to u all. With His blessings and your efforts may you all excel beyond horizons and all of your fondest dreams come true... Wish u all a very happy n prosperous new year 2010.

Happy New Year

- krazy idiot