Friday, December 25, 2009


Just like space and time, may be the whole materialistic domain is relativistic or probably, merely an illusion. It’s just that the individual human intelligence or actions are like those random microscopic domains which even out at a broader level without affecting much the time travel projections through the actual frames of cosmic evolution. Probably, there is no absolute truth but mere pursuit of something closer and closer through various iterations as the aspect of being a human itself rules out the perfection. Still it is neither recommended nor desired to quit your duties in sloth under the cover of austerity. Indolence can never be ecstatic. It’s just a pseudo satisfaction enshrouding deep guilt within. But neither is that compulsive need to be on your toes all the time, justified. What’s use of taking life so seriously that one loses the beauty of ingenuousness, craziness, acceptance, fun, smiles and above all life itself..

So on this festive occasion of Christmas... Let’s all ease of our pressure and say-


Let the sand lose the clenched fist

Let yourself find craziness for a romantic tryst

Let your watch slip the ticks of time

Let your blaring thoughts switch to silent mime

Let all your tensions melt away

Let new rays of hope arise and light your way

Let your ego go blunter

Let a new spirit of enthu’ turn your life’s punter

Let your innocence give way to smile

Let your dreams and imaginations walk an extra mile

Let emotions rule and bots trail

Let the simplicity, ingenuity and beauty prevail

Let acceptance, forgiveness, happiness ring your bell

Let’s forget everything for a moment and say All Izz Well...

I wish all my blog readers lots of love, peace and happiness... Merry Christmas!

- krazy idiot


Srivats said...

//Let your blaring thoughts switch to silent mime


Thats a lovely wish thanks buddy

and anyone who said that cannot be a idiot

Pri said...

very well said...wishes for the festive season to u too :)

vishal jindal said...

@ srivats
thanks buddy

@ pri
thanks pri for taking time to visit and comment
keep visiting :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

All Izz Well :) Nice attempt :)

Like you said, if letting things happen, would have been possible, i think life would have been more rewarding but then life wouldnt be thrilling if everything is in one's hand.

Not keeping the string of life in hands, striking the chord, which seemed a little out of reach, is what makes life worth appreciating in a way :)

Thank you and wish you the same :)

vishal jindal said...

hi mahesh
thanks bro!..receiving ur feedback is always interesting..i cant agree more with i think either u skipped a few lines above the 'all izz well' or i failed to convey my meaning thru' the post..hope u get it :)

Amritbir Kaur said...

Indeed, 'All izz well' as long as we believe it to be. I wached '3 idiots' on December 31, and I got the mantra for the coming year 'all is well'.
Your poem was very meaningful with suggestions that would make our lives all the more well-lived.
Thanks for sharing.

vishal jindal said...

May this mantra u learnt serves u well n takes u out of all the problems this year..

keep visiting :)

Srivats said...

All is well a mantra to be remembered in 2010 :)

Loved every sentence you have writtern here :)

Anonymous said...

It is well told.