Monday, December 21, 2009

Ctrl + Z

Digest: The writer after messing up a big time desperately wishes for some power to rewind time a few minutes back or to undo the last done activity just the way he uses 'control + Z' function on his laptop.

Is there anyone of u, who has never ever thought of undoing a particular moment of time to change its code and let it evolve into a different present?? Or in other words, have u never wished for a ‘Ctrl + Z’ function in your life???

It occurs to all of us indiscriminately for things ranging from anything in or beyond our control like after accidental formatting of some important files, some road accident, a messed up exam, missed flights/trains, some burnt out dish, some watered important papers, a prank that got serious, addiction, finding ur break up mate with someone else, a night of sudden rush of emotions, some unwilled crime and the list never ends.

Probably it’s not the feeling itself but the after reaction that accounts to distinct human nature and hundreds of psychological terms. Here comes, the locus of control, which may find some ‘externals’ to stick to ‘everything happens for good’ philosophy and overcome or ‘why just everything bad happens to me’ types to shatter; and the ‘internals’ to get totally blown up or the poised beings to hold their composure.

Then comes humanities deepest quests of cosmic evolution; if the things are evolving like systematic unrolling of a tangled thread, a regular evolution or is it like free one as that of a Brazilian butterfly flapping its wings to bring tornadoes in Texas? Well chaos theory seems much plausible.

But can anyone change the initial parameters at present, let’s say with some deep concentrated thought, to lead to a different future? And not just to different but to best future? Lets peek into Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber directed ‘The Butterfly Effect’ in which the protagonist Ashton Kutcher with the ability of undoing his past events, even after trying his best to provide best circumstances to his dear ones never leads a perfect situation and rather finds harming them in a way or other even losing his girl ‘Amy Smart’ at the end of movie.

Probably, it’s the Anthropic principle which holds the things at broader level; And for personal level, there is no best situation but just favorable and unfavorable circumstances which can be handled skillfully. For let’s take the case of some addiction be it smoking. Most of cases arise due to peer pressure in hope of looking cool or matured or sometimes the simple argument is to be a man!!! Now that’s something gross, if 17-18 yrs of holding that manly thing under your pants couldn’t tell you who you are; Do you think a cigarette butt would?? Don’t befool yourself..

-krazy idiot


Srivats said...

haha LOL at the last line, well as far as changing the future is concerened its very much possible and we are already doing that now, just that we are not aware of it.

I am not good at it, I dont think I can pass this test. Well I guess we wont make it, may be this year is not good for me. got the gist ?

Our present is residue of collection of thoughts we had in past, and future would be what we hold now, we shd be reading "As a man thinketh" to know more on that :)

And I am yet to watch butterfly effect, have brought and kept it in the cup board quite safely will do so :)

vishal jindal said...

hi srivats
welcum to india :)
m sorry i cudn make out what xactly u pointed out in first line..
feel free to share..i wd love to listen to!!
"As a man thinketh" - ohh i think i must read this :)