Saturday, November 7, 2009

Placement Probability

How fast the time passes!! Time is the most relativistic thing I have seen, felt so far. No, I am not talking of the Lorentz equations or Einstein’s fancies. But the thing that how time for me changes its speed in such a consistent random fashion every few frames that too when I am standing supposedly constant in space with zero velocity.

Sprawling out in my chair, gesturing at the ceiling with my neck supported on its back, eyes rolled upwards and feeling the weight of joblessness, I was wondering how the time passes! Just a month more, and am gonna conclude my project semester, finally ingressing the final semester. Days back, college life started when things were on high, admissions, dreams, smiles. Times, my institute flaunting itself as the 9th best technical institute across the nation. Soon the mismatch was so obvious and it was displaced 5 positions down to 14th best by another survey. Whatever! Doesn’t matter now. Times, carrying the would-be chemical engineering tag. You tell people that you are doing something called chemical engineering and not the computers or electronics, what they think engineering is all about, and see the expression of their contorted faces, just to wonder what crime you have committed. Then times, when there was some air of recession thing all around. Before I cud understand much of what it was, it was over. But hints were tapped to back of my mind, what it could mean. Something was constantly reminding me of the Murphy ‘s Law.

Murphy’s Law- ‘Whatever can go wrong will go wrong and at the worst possible time’.

So if there is a possibility of me being left jobless in this hour of need, it will happen. :(

Can I deny its implications and mind myself a bit. No, the law feeds indirectly on one of the most beautiful sciences ‘Thermodynamics’. Yes, though it was not proposed in accordance with it but the one of the fundamental laws – the second law of thermodynamics supports it in a way or other. At least being a chemical engineer , I am supposed to be reverent to it. :)

So, lets see what the law tells me about my placements. For that I have to turn to Mr. Joel Pel, to use his equation for the moment -

PM – probability of being jobless, KM - Murph's constant equal to 1, the importance of the event (I), the complexity of the system involved (C), the urgency of the need for the system to work (U) and the frequency the­ system is used (F). ( all on scale of 10). FM is Murphy’s factor, a very small number that can only be calculated on a 386-computer running Windows 3.1. Here we will approximate it by FM ≈ 0.01.

Now I = 8 ( arrey yar, for this I have spent these 4 yrs.)

C = 9 ( justified- cgpa, resume, aptitude test, technical test, technical interview, HR interview..)

U = 8 (ofcourse, its this urgentt)

F= 1 ( check it for one dream company)

PM comes out to be 1. So the placement is impossible in hour of need. How true! So the seventh semester has sort of passed with it. But hope the hour of need is over !!!

For now, I can stick to Franklin’s rule.

Franklin's Rule - Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he will not be disappointed.

-krazy idiot


soin said...

i bet franklin is expecting to be praised for saying that..and am with u man in this.. hopefully we land something

Ekam said...

Franklin and Ekam say ... Wish for the best dear... :)

Vishnu said...

wow.. u always like to do the math.. dont u.. nw see where it has landed.. lets jus hope that its jus theory and doesnt apply for practical applications..

Srivats said...

LOL thats the quite geeky(sorry) way of putting it. But I guess u have forgotten one thing, Belief! :) thats outside any equations buddy. I am sending my highest thoughts ur way, for a positive outlook and best jobs on your way. All the best and thanks for enlighthning me on the murphy's law.

vishal jindal said...

@ Soin
lol..for that i've to ask Franklin himself what his motive was? :)

Thanks ekam :)

vishal jindal said...

@ Vishnu
well its gud to hope otherwise but ... :(
kk therez another more realistic and optimistic equation for the same..

((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10))

with the same factors it includes my skills which i rate at 6.2 with the help of cgpa and and A is 0.7 in this equation F comes out to be zero as i havn sit for placement so far. So, the result comes out to be 3.3 on a scale of 10 or a max of 9.54 as probable dooming. which is quite good :)

anyways lets hope for the best..

vishal jindal said...

@ srivats
yup belief is all i can stick to right now..:)
thanks buddy for good wishes are something i need so badly...thanks again !!!

Shrutzz said...

Hi Vishal, I bloghopped since the name looked very familiar. Was not sure...Were you the one studying in Holy saint school? Living in Jayanagar? I knew someone who shared the same first and last name, when I was in school...

Anyways, nice post!

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Vishu
...let us together CelebrateLife!
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Shrutzz said...

Hey Thanks Vishal, for acknowledging my message....