Thursday, October 1, 2009


Wondering cosmic quest;
Senses baffled,
By temporal sham;
Light my way
What am I?
Who I am?
Illusory absolutes fade to dust,
Dimensions curved,
Eternity trussed,
Placebo to noesis cobwebs of lust,
Light my way
Soul so nonplussed;
Ephemeral fancies,
Emotional quagmire
Ethos credence,
Elusive powers,
Edify me, what I am?
Toasts of town,
In toasts of time
Are toast
Pronounced and pondered
The word is lost;
Enlightened schizo
The degage saints,
Spirit variegated
Gestates constraints,
Wavy essence intuits mind,
My thoughts commove
The world is blind;
Singularity fudged,
Biblical apple ethereal scam
Light my way
What am I?
Who I am?


Vishnu said...

to tell the truth..
i didnt understand a lot of lines..
i pity my own vocabs..
then i googled the words n found out their meaning..
now able to understand it a lil more..
u seriously helped me on my CAT..
n if u think these as basic words for CAT.. then am givin CAT jus for time pass..
wat do u do??

vishal jindal said...

@ vishnu
well there is a msg in my inbox which reads- we still believe in god bcz there are questions which google cant answer.. :)
ohh pls now dont advocate the deep thought 42..
remember that doesn hav the

buddy the lines r not xactly contain the essence of my philosophy..which i ll be coming up with time and again..

as far as what i do is concerned..i myself don knw wat xactly m they call it something as chemical engineering...

CAT..its something which ppl like me don evn knw
wat it sit for respect of the sacred ceremony of engineerin...

As my engineering has programmed me with an 'eleventh hour fired gene'..i got serious(at least i think so) the time i was stuck by CATaFORMaphobia( a term from my previous post)
well wish u gud luk.. :P

Ekam said...

Umm.. this is the same one , right ? 'About me' - Orkut ? I SMS-ed you my comments on that day too :) Same as Vishnu

vishal jindal said...

ya right!!
bt its nt abt jst words that seem a bit alien bt the very essence of my philosophy..:)

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Vishal
Very impressive...perhaps could not follow few words...However love the way u create rhymes between words which makes this poem more intersting despite not understaing few words!

Wonder! what thoughts were going thorough your mind when U were creating those lines ;)
"...Toasts of town,
In toasts of time
Are toast
Pronounced and pondered
The word is lost;.."
Have you gone through such moments in life...well I have :P


vishal jindal said...

@ Rachana
Thank u Rachana ..
well i hav gone thru such moments many a time..n its gud that u agree and accept the same..

take the beauty of its stillness..keep watching...the fine bounderies, the shape, the color, the texture, the way the light touches it...keep pondering..u ll observe all these things somehow fade to dust..making zero of everything.
or taking the lines literally take a word - let it be 'rachana' itself( creation- butiful name)..pronounce it and ponder.. R..A ..CH..N..A..keep doing a while u ll see it loses its form and its meaning..
try this ..makes u feel dumb and stupefied by the illusory world...feel the feeling...i like it..