Friday, October 9, 2009

La pura mathematica!

Being an all time duffer at mathematics opting for non-med was no less than a blunder...Even trying my best I’d find it hard to filch single digits to my answer sheet which was always aureated with that elliptical figure standing alone or accompanied by another such sort depending on M.M.

Though my teacher ‘d never leave a chance to rag me for making it to my senses that how dumb I was, she was damn sexy and her expressions added every bit to it. Now u have surely a good reason to feel jealous as u wont ever hav such a bomb teacher for a subject like maths atleast..keep feeling jealous !!!

Just to prove me obtuse one day she asks me to explain some of simple laws of mathematics learnt so far. Like-

Transitive law

Associative law

Identity law



Mathematical Induction

My frustrated answer sheet was like this- *[adding corrct answers in bracket]

1. Transitive law- Sahil loves Lavina but Lavina loves Vishal..So Sahil is a transitively gay and should give up on her. Come on Lavina. ( Sahil and Lavina my then classmates)

*[Transitive law- If A bears a relation to B and B bears the same relation to C. Then A bears it to C]

2. Associative law- Mam ! U staying with ur hubby n me looking for u is xactly equivalent to u staying with me and ur hubby looking for u.

*[Associative law- (a+b) + c = a + (b+c)]

3. Identity law- i know m intelligent n will remain intelligent even if u keep awarding me zero..
ukhad lo jo ukhad na hai’

*[identity law- a + 0 = a ]

4. CPCTC- This rule states that ‘Critical Parts of Cuties Tend to Charm

*[CPCTC- Given two congruent triangles- corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent]

5. Mathematical Induction- The rule proves - all girls love vishal

Take for n=1, Lavina loves Vishal.( ask her she will tell u)

Lets assume n girls love vishal

Testing case for n+1

n girls love vishal ( assumed)

lavina is next one girl..

hence proved

*[Mathematical Induction –

test the case for n=1

assume for n= n to be true

check for n= n+1


marks u award me at sheet= 1 + marks u decide to award me
marks u decide to award me = 1 + marks u award me at sheet
loop ends when u reach MM

I still wonder y she offered me zero evn after that.. :)

P.S. The post is just humour intended and writer is not supposed to claim authenticity of incident.

-krazy idiot


Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Vishal
O My Gosh!
What a confession in a interesting Calculative Manner! Rocking boy...!

Great post!!...afterall it brushed up my knowledge

Ekam said...

Hehe. That was one funny post. I am laughing like a pagal in my room and Simran is saying "pagal ho gayi hai. Ikali hi hassi ja ri hai"

Yaar Vishal ek baar Assoiative law bol apne Mam ko when her husband is around. Mazza aayega :D

vishal jindal said...

@ rachana
even ur comment starts with that elliptical figure..god save me :P

vishal jindal said...

@ ekam
kya mazza u think he 'll differentiate me...i am 'e raised to the power x'..ukhad le jo ukhadna hai.. :)

Vishnu said...

wow.. i dunno.. how i missed this post.. maybe busy.. surely cracked me up.. esp the transitive and the cpctc.. and i was planning to teach all these to my sis who is currently in 10th.. lol..

vishal jindal said...

i hope u teach her only the grey coloured part of this post :)

Vishnu said...

she is not that much into maths.. so i'll think i'll mention these just to cultivate the interest in the subject.. its a way of remembering them easily..

Swayam said...

hehe.. that is what maths is all about... maths, physics, chemistry are all analogous to real life.. but people just fail to see it...

vishal jindal said...

@ swayam
its nice to find u here.. :)
hope to see u around again..keep visiting!!