Thursday, October 29, 2009

The holy mask 2

This post is sequel to The holy mask I

Given a positive charge q, can u measure accurately, the force experienced by it due to electric field generated by another charge lets say, Q?? Definitely not . The reason being the charge q, howsoever small, will alter the source distribution. The same way, to be a part of this cosmos and to know the divine truth or the ultimate cosmic truth is contradicted and prohibited.

So continuing with the previous post no mortal being ( angels) could provide you with absolute cosmic truth. Bible was not faxed from heaven but was written here on earth itself with the limits of human mind. Jesus , today has turned merely a politically fueled hype to control and influence. A documentary zeitgeist says talks much about its probable origin. Wondering Hinduism, one of the oldest religions, a religion confused in itself, u listen to its infinite stories( Born in a hindu family, I have listened lots of. My mum makes it sure that I get to those at every occasion) only to find one contradicting another logically or in its own way. They just tried to cook a story from anything to everything. Created gods of everything n for everybody, even special for specials like shudras or homosexuals. Yes u read it correct. Talk of quran , the holy book of islam, the book of do’s and don’ts , the book demanding unconditional obedience to its commands, the book holding the words of god which were specially and particularly revealed to the Mohammad (an illiterate guy who told its followers to dictate the millions by the sword; a pedophile who consummated his marriage with a 9 yr old) doesn make any sense to me.

No I don’t bear testimony to anything above said. Readers r not supposed to demand the claims to authenticity. My own history dates back to 21 yrs only and in no way I can assure u what happened 2100 yrs back or before. Its just what I have heard, what I have read, what I have interpreted. And in no way I want to offend anyone on any bases.

Just to hold my above statement, and to escape the wrath of religious zealots, political goons and sick mentality, I had tried my best to make my last post as polite as possible and indirect using some reference to mayawati. But my dear readers found it utter straggling and ridiculous. The purpose was just to show the fakeness of these figures. As u never know our future generations may find themselves kneeling in temples of Mayawati. (Why not , so do we have seen temples of bollywood actor amitabh bachan in west Bengal or of the father of nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ in orissa). For she may have a puran written proposing her story of virgin birth, a devi who walked on water or who cured people by touch or merely by sight, god only knows, what’s gonna happen.

It is the religion itself which has ever taught us that there is no god. Science in its every form proposes the simplicity, intangible and inexplicable beauty of god. Take the case of Thermodynamics, a beautiful science, in its interpretations proposes the divinity in such a beautiful way.

Strange but True.

-krazy idiot


Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Vishal
Indeed! Strange but true!!

However, you call it Science and believe it as Nature. Nature is the best teacher to learn an integrated life.

Nature teaches all theories and philosophies of life in a miraculous way.
And numerous theories and philosophies of life written by Management Gurus and poets…is what I believe in. Needless to say,
You are also one of them…always creating a churn into my head with your angle of prospective.

Perhaps, Education is the best tool to serve the society this is what we all should follow religiously!

Anyway great post and a charming churn ;)
Keep the spark Alive..

Srivats said...

well thats a post with manu implications, i dont even know where to begin with. Although i agree with you certainly on the made up stories and someone being projected then followed by thousands to create new religion.. wait .. lets hold our horses here and take a moment to think, Unless someone is "ONE" he never gets to be glorified, Jeasus might have had life which we never knew, even if whatever our friend brown has writtern is true, I still admire jeasus, for he taught love and nothing but LOVE.

Bible is one of the most printed book in the world, no matter in which god u believe, be it science too . Unless that god decides this so called man would never been god. I am sure you would agree with me (as person believing in angels and all) that there are chosen ones, not by us but by higher powers, who come down to earth to inspire many, to make them understand the beauty of this life in its ever granduer. Be it krishna jeasus or some x story cooked up by rajammma from the hut, as long as it preaches love, harmony and faith I say just go by it. Its by that belief even god works, Imagine he is sitting right now next to us, and we dont even believe him! Its the belief my friend ":)

Sorry i really rambled so much, but then I was just trying to help you see a fine line, the quest for truth should turn you to wrong direction. As you see you dont have to prove anyone wrong to make your belief right, we all are unique so is our belief :) the understanding and respecting them is the true way to spirituality the one above religion and the one very closer to god :)

Srivats said...

Pardon me for my typos in the above comment, and I almost forgot about mayawati.

well I think I answered some part of it in my earlier comment itself, one dont get to be glorified unless they are ONE.

as Rachana said its by the education and soul searching we can understand the concept God, for he doesnot reside anywhere.

Srivats said...

on a total different note, I just noticed a 666 on ur url , ok ok let me not start this now LOL :) have a good weekend

vishal jindal said...

@ rachana
it gives me pleasure that u understand the essence of my posts in a cool way and acknowledge it with your acceptance. Thanku dear :) guru, i liked ur compliment but it was a bit too overrate for me...
n yes i liked that education line.. :)

vishal jindal said...

@ srivats
My comment section looks like a new post now :)
thanks to u, for adding to my blog ur valuable thoughts which i certainly do respect in every way.

Ideas presented in my posts are subjected to the interpretations of my limited mind, the probablity of their being wrong is never zero. So new thoughts are always welcome.

Let me make something very clear, m not anti anything; nor irreverant to any anyone for ones religious faith nor m proving anyone wrong.

I do agree by voltaire when he stated 'god is a necessity'. I too wd hav admired jesus if it had been just a thing of love. Bt why does it need evergrowing followers even after 2000 yrs with a largest spread base?? Christianity and islam have a history of forced conversions, which are even carried out today even in india using anything and everything. Why there are holy wars? kehne ko toh dharam jaat se ham hain secular; Godhara aur ayodya fir kyn hain popular?? Why are temples destroyed, mosques demolished?? Do these pure souls chosen by high powers need the treatment their followers give to them...offerings in form of gold, silver worth millions of dollars, altars designed in AC rooms so that their idols dont feel the heat, mattresses to make them feel at ease, golden beds, pillows, clocks...n everything. the whole concept of god is diluted when v start flaunting our god like monkeys. Just because bible is most printed books of the world, no way it becomes acceptable with what ever it proposes. Humans are not cattle jst to follow and follow and die.
Wish religion could tell us to be humans if nothing else..

keep visiting n coming with ur thoughts..

Srivats said...

waa seems u are so angry on something :)

well if you read what you have writtern here you would agree with me ,its indeed not gods but humans in quest of power does these things, I agree with spreading religion, Like its the best of anything. I mean isnt that all wanted to do ? to let others believe what we think is right ? Not that I am trying to support anyone here, yes religion is dilated and morality is in big question with respect to relgious practices. Thats when quest for god within becomes more important than ever.

What I meant by "most printed book" is the faith people have in that religion, I respect anyone regardless of any religion. When you find time please read this post of mine , for we are speaking the same thoughts in different ways ;)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hi Vishal,

I did not find the first part ridiculous in anyway :)

This part really came out nicely and i am glad that i realized few things about Quran and The Bible.

Dont know, whether any of this really contributes to the reality which has been posed in front of us in the form of history.
Thanks for the post :)

vishal jindal said...

@ srivats
i checked ur post..what a post!! :)

vishal jindal said...

@ mahesh
keep visiting buddy :)