Friday, October 23, 2009

The holy mask 1

Being a human I have always been kind of stupefied by the cosmic prank and the illusory world. Moreover, my mother land, a secular state by its constitution, a land of gods and goddesses, a potpourri of all religions, a state where freedom to religion, freedom to expression are fundamental rights, a land emblazoned all over with colors of festivals, rites, rituals, myths, religious places & religious riots; a Hindustan where everything important to man is sacred- revered, personified and assigned divine status be it the plants ,the trees , the fire, the water, the earth, the sky, the air, the mountain, the cows, the snakes, the birds, the food , the money, the power, the knowledge, the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets...anything n everything...u name it and v have it...; has added every bit to it...

What I have learnt so far is that life is something full of struggle and difficulties and my only solace is if I approach the feet of some divine messenger of god and devote n surrender myself completely before it. Then, by gods grace all my problems, my sorrows, my sufferings will be taken away by some supernatural action, making my life a soothing heavenly experience.

But where wd I find such being???
Oh! There are lots of, so much that all the inhabitants on earth can stick to one each taking as their favourite. God has sent them in a large no. time to time as -Ram, Krishna , Buddha, Adam , Mohammad, Isa, Nanak, Mahavir, 33 crore devtas of hindus, 1.24 lakh rasuls of islam, 10 gurus of sikkhism , 1000s of still more gurus, preachers, saints and babas .

But there are lots of gods, I am confused!!! how should I select one among them? Should I take the most famous god or the least famous god or the one with more no. of stories or the one with more miraculous life or more heroic deeds??? God help me!
No, u r wrong. God is only ONE. Every religion be it any proposes the same thing. None of the above divine beings called themselves as supreme but the son of god, the prophet of allah, the avatar of bhagwan. What I have learnt from religion is – The supreme power is forbidden to come to this land in its holy form so sends its messengers or angels in mortal forms. For the Ram and Krishna were avatars of lord Vishnu, who in turn goes in 'yognidra' to receive powers from the ultimate supreme. Trinity of gods are just three elements of supreme like GOD is for Generator, Operator, Destroyer. So have prophets talked of allah, Jesus of god and nanak of ekaunkar satnam–one supreme true god.

This concept only is enough to make the world a living hell. As it gives a lot of space for birth of gods messengers everyday. So whenever there is decay of righteousness so comes an angel, decends to save the mankind from the evil, the shaitan, the satan, the demon.

So the happy news is god has sent again an angel that too to the sacred land ‘INDIA’, its just that we were ignorant enough not to recognize it. But there is some ‘Tripathi’ in U.P who probably had done lots of ‘Jap Tap and Vrat’ in his previous births, that he is granted a vision to recognize it. Its only true devotees that get such chance. His vision and creativity has portrayed it in beautiful forms. Yes, its none other but devi Mayawati (C.M.- U.P). A future hindu goddess. I say a hindu goddess for reasons:

*Slot for a still new god is only available in this so difficult to comprehend, so confusing, so soft and still so soothing religion of Hinduism.

* Acceptance of female deity is only possibility with so tender religion of Hinduism.

* Her devotees have portrayed in best resemblance with hindu mythology.

In left pic, devi Maya is holding a flag probably symbolic of her dalit love, a baby elephant(elephant symbolic of her big tummy absorbing everything i mean evil), with a halo effect giving light to the state.
Sooner a mayawati puran will be written for the future generations, which would go something like Maya took birth on the godly land of ‘bharat’ (pls don ask me if it is virgin birth) and is the devi of dalits, the downtrodden. The goddess of downtrodden had a very aesthetic sense and tried her best to turn the land into a paradise by constructing beautiful memorial parks for its devotees. Where in idols of other divine beings were constructed to spread the message of god. For her love of justice, she suspended thousands of corrupt people from looting her divine land. She was the one to contribute a lot of wealth to her kingdom under the name of taxes. It was she only who saved her people from the satan- a pwd engineer. Lot of negative people were against her, but with power she killed those demonic forces or made them dumb forever.

God save us.

-krazy idiot


soin said...

lol..god save us all indeed.. and for selecting a god.. well just create one ur self man.. works fine for

Mahesh Sindbandge said...


First time here.

Initially when i was reading, i thought it got to be some controversial topic you chose to write about( similar lines of Dan Brown).

I appreciate your attempt on it but i felt such great thoughts are being wasted on some mayawati.

Instead if you had carried that weight and if u wud ahve given us some reality bite out of your perceptions, that would ahve been a better approach to end the post.

Anyways, that was my thought.

You got a nice blog...seen you commenting here and there.

See you around my blog sometime :)


Ekam said...

God save us :D
I second Mahesh here. I was thinking about something else initially but ended up reading Mayawati. Anyhow , it was a good thought , rather , is a good thought-God is one :)
God bless you :)

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Vishal
It was'nt about the frustration but about the clarity in thought you gripped initially in the post.
Quite a bold post to ponder on.
Appriciate,for the effect been created!


vishal jindal said...

@ soin wondering if i ever need to create

vishal jindal said...

@ Mahesh

Thanks buddy for taking time to visit and adding ur valuable thought to it..
well i think u were a bit too fast to conclude..
The post written initially carried a lot of loud stuff the one u thought for..but u knw just to escape the wrath of religious zealots, political goons and sick mentality i had to sort of rewrite the complete thing making it indirect...
the idea was conceived when i was reading my friends blog
where in i wanted to clear who the satan generally is..This post is not dedicated to some mayawati but to show that fakeness of the messengers and their deeds hinting through if this maya puran sort is written who is the satan of her mythology..
keep visiting :)

vishal jindal said...

@ ekam
thanku ekam...and i suppose now u knw,why u ended at this mayawati which is just used to direct towards the ethereal scam and religious blunders..

vishal jindal said...

@ rachana
thanku rachana..i think u understood the post

Srivats said...

I love ur title frame, looks similar to that of conservation sites

Srivats said...

I read the first part of your post with great admiration because I too share the same ideas, then it became utterly funny with Mayawati's story, LOL God really save us!

Came here through blog hopping,vishnu and Rachana's posts :)

vishal jindal said...

@ srivats
Its a pleasure to find u here and seek ur admiration..thanks buddy..
hope to see u around :)

Vishnu said...

late again.. i think this is gonna be a long comment.. so bear with me..
is god forbidden to come to this unholy land or does he wish not to..
so u do agree that satan or evil exists.. if god sends messengers to spread good.. implies satan has already sent his messengers.. implies there is some kinda fight going on between god and satan which is a never ending war.. neither good nor evil shall take control.. there is a balance and its upto us that hw we view it..

this seems to be a lil bit contradictory.. u say such good things abt god and then ridicule mayadevi using him.. although i liked ur way of ridiculing her.. lol..

Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

Anonymous said...

It is useful to try everything in practise anyway and I like that here it's always possible to find something new. :)