Monday, October 19, 2009

Frailty thy name is woman

O womankind! U r synonymous with frailty..

No the point is definitely not that u cant win over a grappling session with a man nor is the point that u cant take the same count of stones over ur head a man can..for that’s not ur weakness, that fragility is ur strength , that delicacy is ur beauty, something v love u for. . no m not pointing to that affectional , nurturing, caring, schmaltzy nature of urs coz that compassion is ur was u who proved its mettle before god to hold the divine responsibility of conceiving the mankind.. JAI HO !!!

But ur debility owes to the meekness, the docility u r blessed with, the indecisivenessthat holds u, the fickleness u r composed of , the bitchingg that turns ur bliss, the infirmity u stand on..

For why cant u give urself a break putting all ur mind to emulate every masculine activity just to flaunt parallelity with him..... why cant u tame urself when u turn ‘EVE’ and resist eating that forbidden apple... why cant u think ur own mind and need a male to take ur every decision when u turn ‘Ophelia’ (a shakespearean character)... why melodramaturns ur ever satiating sport when u turn 'Rakhi Sawant'...Why cant u respect and value, if something great is granted to u when u turn ‘Mrs. P. Patil’..(why were u found abusing the highest office of state)... why cant u accept being mother or grandma to urself (read-a girl child)..why cant u bear the sight of urself (read- daughter in law)...why cant u part with jealousy and suspicion u r always fired with...Why cant u stop nagging ur hubby for petty fancies of ur mind...why cant u even check ur 'munna' without charge of ur hubby...why do u think tears are the only way to get urself heard... why do u think carnal exhibition is only way to influence... why r u confused all time for ur own statements ....why sticking firm to ur words is not in ur business... why do u need to swear for every word u say........why fakeness and pretension are so deeply placed in ur blood...[ A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction. ~Oscar Wilde...] why do u keep assuring that ‘never trust a lady’ stuff by ur activities....Why even simple things have to struggle a lot to penetrate ur big brain... why when placed in sarkari offices u find it difficult to gather ur composure n r often found throwing tantrums at clients for demanding little work or little information( which actually never crossed ur mind) amidst ur chitchat and telephonicconversations u cant live without...why when supposed to hold a little secret ur belly shrinks to zero, small enough to absorb the matter... why u sometimes think utter illogical as if u r challenged to do so...why flattering is one thing I cant xpect to get something out of u without.... But why ur docility evaporates all of a sudden when asked for a mass bunk and take long to be convinced amidst which the teacher comes... Well I hope a day comes when v understand u fully and u urself understand a lil bit of urself...

P.S. Plz don’t advocate some list of influential women or the sort.. For ‘Mercury’ is liquiddoesn mean Metals are liquid.

-krazy idiot


soin said...

well put man.. but the day u hope might never dawn..and its for these diverse stuff in women that i love them

Vishnu said...

now thts something straight in the face.. u talked about and ridiculed the prototypes in the best possible way.. will it be ok if i show this post to some feminists.. it will atleast increase ur comment section..

vishal jindal said...

so do i love them for anything accepting the way they are...its generally wen i mess up with ma fren i wish she was a bit better..
thanks for visiting and taking time to comment..
keep visiting :)

vishal jindal said...

u better dont..they may confuse me with a misogynist which am not..and god knows the consequences..!!!

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Vishal

This is so fun to read...what your post??! Well it's great but you comment to Vishnu is superb...

Even I wonder...why I like to confuse so much the people...well I definitely don’t do it deliberately...but I guess it comes as one of the major trait of being a girl and reflecting the Femininity.

U bet me, MY hubby deals everyday with such aspects of mine...and still loves me ;)
Now take this..
That is how Guys are...THEY love Complexity that confuses them completely!

Vishnu said...

fine.. jus kidding..

vishal jindal said...

so the war is over...the universally agreed truth is now a accepted stuff..agreed and accepted by woman.. thats gud :)

ya guys love complexity when its name is

Ekam said...

I should not say this. But I do agree to the points here :D

vishal jindal said...

well agreeing was never an issue..thing is if woman are strong enough to accept they are not strong :)

Shruti said...

Hi Vishal, Visit my profile, Something is waiting for you :)