Thursday, October 29, 2009

The holy mask 2

This post is sequel to The holy mask I

Given a positive charge q, can u measure accurately, the force experienced by it due to electric field generated by another charge lets say, Q?? Definitely not . The reason being the charge q, howsoever small, will alter the source distribution. The same way, to be a part of this cosmos and to know the divine truth or the ultimate cosmic truth is contradicted and prohibited.

So continuing with the previous post no mortal being ( angels) could provide you with absolute cosmic truth. Bible was not faxed from heaven but was written here on earth itself with the limits of human mind. Jesus , today has turned merely a politically fueled hype to control and influence. A documentary zeitgeist says talks much about its probable origin. Wondering Hinduism, one of the oldest religions, a religion confused in itself, u listen to its infinite stories( Born in a hindu family, I have listened lots of. My mum makes it sure that I get to those at every occasion) only to find one contradicting another logically or in its own way. They just tried to cook a story from anything to everything. Created gods of everything n for everybody, even special for specials like shudras or homosexuals. Yes u read it correct. Talk of quran , the holy book of islam, the book of do’s and don’ts , the book demanding unconditional obedience to its commands, the book holding the words of god which were specially and particularly revealed to the Mohammad (an illiterate guy who told its followers to dictate the millions by the sword; a pedophile who consummated his marriage with a 9 yr old) doesn make any sense to me.

No I don’t bear testimony to anything above said. Readers r not supposed to demand the claims to authenticity. My own history dates back to 21 yrs only and in no way I can assure u what happened 2100 yrs back or before. Its just what I have heard, what I have read, what I have interpreted. And in no way I want to offend anyone on any bases.

Just to hold my above statement, and to escape the wrath of religious zealots, political goons and sick mentality, I had tried my best to make my last post as polite as possible and indirect using some reference to mayawati. But my dear readers found it utter straggling and ridiculous. The purpose was just to show the fakeness of these figures. As u never know our future generations may find themselves kneeling in temples of Mayawati. (Why not , so do we have seen temples of bollywood actor amitabh bachan in west Bengal or of the father of nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ in orissa). For she may have a puran written proposing her story of virgin birth, a devi who walked on water or who cured people by touch or merely by sight, god only knows, what’s gonna happen.

It is the religion itself which has ever taught us that there is no god. Science in its every form proposes the simplicity, intangible and inexplicable beauty of god. Take the case of Thermodynamics, a beautiful science, in its interpretations proposes the divinity in such a beautiful way.

Strange but True.

-krazy idiot

Friday, October 23, 2009

The holy mask 1

Being a human I have always been kind of stupefied by the cosmic prank and the illusory world. Moreover, my mother land, a secular state by its constitution, a land of gods and goddesses, a potpourri of all religions, a state where freedom to religion, freedom to expression are fundamental rights, a land emblazoned all over with colors of festivals, rites, rituals, myths, religious places & religious riots; a Hindustan where everything important to man is sacred- revered, personified and assigned divine status be it the plants ,the trees , the fire, the water, the earth, the sky, the air, the mountain, the cows, the snakes, the birds, the food , the money, the power, the knowledge, the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets...anything n everything...u name it and v have it...; has added every bit to it...

What I have learnt so far is that life is something full of struggle and difficulties and my only solace is if I approach the feet of some divine messenger of god and devote n surrender myself completely before it. Then, by gods grace all my problems, my sorrows, my sufferings will be taken away by some supernatural action, making my life a soothing heavenly experience.

But where wd I find such being???
Oh! There are lots of, so much that all the inhabitants on earth can stick to one each taking as their favourite. God has sent them in a large no. time to time as -Ram, Krishna , Buddha, Adam , Mohammad, Isa, Nanak, Mahavir, 33 crore devtas of hindus, 1.24 lakh rasuls of islam, 10 gurus of sikkhism , 1000s of still more gurus, preachers, saints and babas .

But there are lots of gods, I am confused!!! how should I select one among them? Should I take the most famous god or the least famous god or the one with more no. of stories or the one with more miraculous life or more heroic deeds??? God help me!
No, u r wrong. God is only ONE. Every religion be it any proposes the same thing. None of the above divine beings called themselves as supreme but the son of god, the prophet of allah, the avatar of bhagwan. What I have learnt from religion is – The supreme power is forbidden to come to this land in its holy form so sends its messengers or angels in mortal forms. For the Ram and Krishna were avatars of lord Vishnu, who in turn goes in 'yognidra' to receive powers from the ultimate supreme. Trinity of gods are just three elements of supreme like GOD is for Generator, Operator, Destroyer. So have prophets talked of allah, Jesus of god and nanak of ekaunkar satnam–one supreme true god.

This concept only is enough to make the world a living hell. As it gives a lot of space for birth of gods messengers everyday. So whenever there is decay of righteousness so comes an angel, decends to save the mankind from the evil, the shaitan, the satan, the demon.

So the happy news is god has sent again an angel that too to the sacred land ‘INDIA’, its just that we were ignorant enough not to recognize it. But there is some ‘Tripathi’ in U.P who probably had done lots of ‘Jap Tap and Vrat’ in his previous births, that he is granted a vision to recognize it. Its only true devotees that get such chance. His vision and creativity has portrayed it in beautiful forms. Yes, its none other but devi Mayawati (C.M.- U.P). A future hindu goddess. I say a hindu goddess for reasons:

*Slot for a still new god is only available in this so difficult to comprehend, so confusing, so soft and still so soothing religion of Hinduism.

* Acceptance of female deity is only possibility with so tender religion of Hinduism.

* Her devotees have portrayed in best resemblance with hindu mythology.

In left pic, devi Maya is holding a flag probably symbolic of her dalit love, a baby elephant(elephant symbolic of her big tummy absorbing everything i mean evil), with a halo effect giving light to the state.
Sooner a mayawati puran will be written for the future generations, which would go something like Maya took birth on the godly land of ‘bharat’ (pls don ask me if it is virgin birth) and is the devi of dalits, the downtrodden. The goddess of downtrodden had a very aesthetic sense and tried her best to turn the land into a paradise by constructing beautiful memorial parks for its devotees. Where in idols of other divine beings were constructed to spread the message of god. For her love of justice, she suspended thousands of corrupt people from looting her divine land. She was the one to contribute a lot of wealth to her kingdom under the name of taxes. It was she only who saved her people from the satan- a pwd engineer. Lot of negative people were against her, but with power she killed those demonic forces or made them dumb forever.

God save us.

-krazy idiot

Monday, October 19, 2009

Frailty thy name is woman

O womankind! U r synonymous with frailty..

No the point is definitely not that u cant win over a grappling session with a man nor is the point that u cant take the same count of stones over ur head a man can..for that’s not ur weakness, that fragility is ur strength , that delicacy is ur beauty, something v love u for. . no m not pointing to that affectional , nurturing, caring, schmaltzy nature of urs coz that compassion is ur was u who proved its mettle before god to hold the divine responsibility of conceiving the mankind.. JAI HO !!!

But ur debility owes to the meekness, the docility u r blessed with, the indecisivenessthat holds u, the fickleness u r composed of , the bitchingg that turns ur bliss, the infirmity u stand on..

For why cant u give urself a break putting all ur mind to emulate every masculine activity just to flaunt parallelity with him..... why cant u tame urself when u turn ‘EVE’ and resist eating that forbidden apple... why cant u think ur own mind and need a male to take ur every decision when u turn ‘Ophelia’ (a shakespearean character)... why melodramaturns ur ever satiating sport when u turn 'Rakhi Sawant'...Why cant u respect and value, if something great is granted to u when u turn ‘Mrs. P. Patil’..(why were u found abusing the highest office of state)... why cant u accept being mother or grandma to urself (read-a girl child)..why cant u bear the sight of urself (read- daughter in law)...why cant u part with jealousy and suspicion u r always fired with...Why cant u stop nagging ur hubby for petty fancies of ur mind...why cant u even check ur 'munna' without charge of ur hubby...why do u think tears are the only way to get urself heard... why do u think carnal exhibition is only way to influence... why r u confused all time for ur own statements ....why sticking firm to ur words is not in ur business... why do u need to swear for every word u say........why fakeness and pretension are so deeply placed in ur blood...[ A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction. ~Oscar Wilde...] why do u keep assuring that ‘never trust a lady’ stuff by ur activities....Why even simple things have to struggle a lot to penetrate ur big brain... why when placed in sarkari offices u find it difficult to gather ur composure n r often found throwing tantrums at clients for demanding little work or little information( which actually never crossed ur mind) amidst ur chitchat and telephonicconversations u cant live without...why when supposed to hold a little secret ur belly shrinks to zero, small enough to absorb the matter... why u sometimes think utter illogical as if u r challenged to do so...why flattering is one thing I cant xpect to get something out of u without.... But why ur docility evaporates all of a sudden when asked for a mass bunk and take long to be convinced amidst which the teacher comes... Well I hope a day comes when v understand u fully and u urself understand a lil bit of urself...

P.S. Plz don’t advocate some list of influential women or the sort.. For ‘Mercury’ is liquiddoesn mean Metals are liquid.

-krazy idiot

Friday, October 9, 2009

La pura mathematica!

Being an all time duffer at mathematics opting for non-med was no less than a blunder...Even trying my best I’d find it hard to filch single digits to my answer sheet which was always aureated with that elliptical figure standing alone or accompanied by another such sort depending on M.M.

Though my teacher ‘d never leave a chance to rag me for making it to my senses that how dumb I was, she was damn sexy and her expressions added every bit to it. Now u have surely a good reason to feel jealous as u wont ever hav such a bomb teacher for a subject like maths atleast..keep feeling jealous !!!

Just to prove me obtuse one day she asks me to explain some of simple laws of mathematics learnt so far. Like-

Transitive law

Associative law

Identity law



Mathematical Induction

My frustrated answer sheet was like this- *[adding corrct answers in bracket]

1. Transitive law- Sahil loves Lavina but Lavina loves Vishal..So Sahil is a transitively gay and should give up on her. Come on Lavina. ( Sahil and Lavina my then classmates)

*[Transitive law- If A bears a relation to B and B bears the same relation to C. Then A bears it to C]

2. Associative law- Mam ! U staying with ur hubby n me looking for u is xactly equivalent to u staying with me and ur hubby looking for u.

*[Associative law- (a+b) + c = a + (b+c)]

3. Identity law- i know m intelligent n will remain intelligent even if u keep awarding me zero..
ukhad lo jo ukhad na hai’

*[identity law- a + 0 = a ]

4. CPCTC- This rule states that ‘Critical Parts of Cuties Tend to Charm

*[CPCTC- Given two congruent triangles- corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent]

5. Mathematical Induction- The rule proves - all girls love vishal

Take for n=1, Lavina loves Vishal.( ask her she will tell u)

Lets assume n girls love vishal

Testing case for n+1

n girls love vishal ( assumed)

lavina is next one girl..

hence proved

*[Mathematical Induction –

test the case for n=1

assume for n= n to be true

check for n= n+1


marks u award me at sheet= 1 + marks u decide to award me
marks u decide to award me = 1 + marks u award me at sheet
loop ends when u reach MM

I still wonder y she offered me zero evn after that.. :)

P.S. The post is just humour intended and writer is not supposed to claim authenticity of incident.

-krazy idiot

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Wondering cosmic quest;
Senses baffled,
By temporal sham;
Light my way
What am I?
Who I am?
Illusory absolutes fade to dust,
Dimensions curved,
Eternity trussed,
Placebo to noesis cobwebs of lust,
Light my way
Soul so nonplussed;
Ephemeral fancies,
Emotional quagmire
Ethos credence,
Elusive powers,
Edify me, what I am?
Toasts of town,
In toasts of time
Are toast
Pronounced and pondered
The word is lost;
Enlightened schizo
The degage saints,
Spirit variegated
Gestates constraints,
Wavy essence intuits mind,
My thoughts commove
The world is blind;
Singularity fudged,
Biblical apple ethereal scam
Light my way
What am I?
Who I am?